Roller Conveyors

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Industrial Bearings Gravity Roller Conveyor

They are used extensively in large industrial conveyor systems .These conveyors are used when interruption in work process is essential or when the conveyed items are to be taken form one point to locations. 

Powered Roller Conveyor

Industrial Bearings Powered Roller Conveyor

It is similar to other categories of roller wheel. it is more effective where heavier items are being handled. Roller conveyors serve in conveying pieces and goods horizontally or vertically. We offer a wide range of roller conveyors i.e. gravity driving accumulating, transfer conveyors through to peripherals control for medium to heavy load lifting.

Chain driven roller conveyor Industrial Bearings Chain Driven Roller Conveyors

Powered roller conveyor DDT Industrial Bearings Belt Driven Roller Conveyors

Expandable Roller Conveyors Industrial Bearings Flexible Roller Conveyor

Inclined Material Loading Conveyors

Industrial Bearings Inclined Material Loading Conveyors

Advance Equipment Co. has supplied many types of Portable and stationary type of material loading / unloading conveyors. Conveying speeds range from 1 mtr/min to 25 mrts/min with top height adjusting feature. Many standard versions are available ready for shipment for your application.

Slat Conveyors

Industrial Bearings Slat Conveyors

Slat Conveyors are built with wood or metal slats attached to a single or double strand chain. In addition to carrying out operations, they may be used as a traveling platform, or a combination of the two. Many kinds of parts and packages can be carried light, heavy or bulky units on inclines as well as on the horizontal.

Chain Conveyors

Industrial Bearings Chain Conveyors

In case of extremely heavy objects instead of the belts, there are conveyor chains that connect the object to its rear end. Apart from this, the conveyor chain is also one of the fixtures on the conveyor system that is used in the mechanical functioning of the system.

Industrial Conveyors

Industrial Conveyors Screw Conveyors

Our conveyors are all strictly carbon steel construction that has an abrasion resistant divider plate and access panels that give strength and longevity to the conveyors. All our Conveyors come dust-free.

Rotary Air Lock Valves

Industrial Bearings Rotary Air Lock Valves

These are made from 2” nb size upto 24” nb diameter. Material of construction is M.S., S.S., Al, G.I. as per requirement. Precisely finished center rotor ensures proper and accurate feeding of material under extreme load conditions.

Transfer Turn Tables

Industrial Bearings Transfer Turn Tables

Turn Tables are very useful devices for achieving accurate turning or re-positioning of the product during process / transfer. A wide variety of turn tables as manufactured in our Factory. Typical versions include, chain transfer, roller bed transfer, Pneumatic cylinder transfer etc.

Ball Transfer Units Industrial Bearings Ball Transfer Units

Pinch Roll Assembles

Industrial Bearings Pinch Roll Assembles

This Equipment is used in Steel Plants for feeding hot ingots to rolling mills for rolling into steel sections like flats, rounds, channels etc. As the name suggests, the top roller clamps hot ingots and is conveyed in forward direction by driving the bottom roll. At fixed clamping pressure is maintained between the two rolls by a pneumatic / hydraulic cylinder located at the rear side.

Apron Conveyors

Industrial Bearings Apron Conveyors

They are used to carry Materials and pieces horizontally and inclined lines. These conveyors are made of pans with uneven edges to keep a check on material loss. Our conveyors are flexible for adaptation to lifting loads from hoppers bins. They can be regulated by adjustment of a sticker plate at the entrance point.

Bucket Elevator

Industrial Bearings Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevators are used to transfer material from one floor level to another. These equipments are very useful and come handy when the available floor space is less as compared to incline conveyors, which occupy lot of space.This type of conveyor is further modified to suit specific needs like transferring unit loads like boxes, cartoons for loading and unloading.

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