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These are the machines which carry a load by placing round elements between the two pieces. The relative motion of the pieces causes the elements to roll with little amount of sliding.
Rolling-element bearings have the advantage in terms of cost, size, weight, carrying capacity, durability, accuracy, friction, and so on. Other bearing designs are often better on one specific attribute, but worse in most other attributes. There fore, roller bearings should be chosen according to the requirement of the industry.

These bearings are the most common type of bearing for electrical motor use. These bearings are good for moderate radial and axial loads. They are used in vertical high thrust motors as a guide bearing for momentary up thrust.

Pressed Economic Bearings

The ball bearings are very similar to single row Conrad bearings, with the addition of an extra row of balls. Conrad bearing is assembled by placing the inner and outer races radially offset, so the races touch at one point and have a large gap on the radially opposite side.

Ball Bearings

Spherical roller thrust bearings are given on vertical motors only. These bearings can support extremely high thrust loads which can range up to 300% of standard thrust capacity along with moderate radial loads. Reload springs are required to supply minimum down thrust to bearings at start up in order to prevent bearing skidding.

Spherical Bearings

Rollers & Bearings
Rollers & Bearings
Rollers & Bearings

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